Ideas for content marketing for June 2018

Ideas for content marketing for June 2018

A little more and come the long-awaited summer. It will be possible to walk all night long, overeat ice cream and fruits, swim, sunbathe and do many more pleasant things.

But there is one ” But “. In hot weather, many users are not up to the Internet, and most companies are starting to work half a power.

What should I do ? To attract attention with a variety of content, arrange contests, rallies and polls. Reasons to attract the attention of users in June will be enough.

Here’s how you can draw attention to the brand’s stories.

1. Children’s Day – June 1

International Children’s Day (better known in Russia as the Children’s Day) is one of the oldest international holidays. It began to be celebrated back in 1925. Are your target audience families with children? Then June 1 – an excellent occasion to please and surprise them with bright content.

  • Tell us about the history of the holiday, the flag, remind you of the need to protect the rights of children  
  • Spend a charity event: arrange a holiday for orphans, or open a playground in your area. Publish a report with a photo or video. Remember, socially responsible brands cause the most pleasant associations among consumers.
  • Organize a contest of children’s drawings or crafts, ask young customers to share their vision of using your product.   
  • Time for the holiday is a special promotion: for example, offer parents a discount for a nice family photo with your product.
  • Communicate the children to the joint creativity. Let them themselves tell what content they are interested in. Children’s imagination knows no bounds!

2. Day of Healthy Nutrition in Russia – June 2

Whenever in the summer, begin to closely monitor their diet, weight and health? In 2011, in response to the American Day of gluttony in Russia, they began to celebrate the Day of Healthy Eating and the refusal of excesses in food. An excellent opportunity to share experience and knowledge on the topic.

  • Publish HLSA recipes, instructions for doing exercises, training programs, dieticians’ recommendations, secrets and lifaphags
  • Organize a marathon “10 days only healthy food,” ask participants to share their impressions
  • Organize tasting of usefulness and publish a report in social networks
  • Collaborate with the HSE bloggers: conduct a contest or add guest articles to the site

3. World Environment Day – 5 June

World Environment Day or the World Environment Day was established by the United Nations to draw public attention to environmental issues. Make and you the contribution.

  • Spend subbotnik, plant trees, help the local zoo. Document the results and share them with users.
  • Encourage your readers to act, ask them to clean their yard or start saving water.
  • Tell us about the principles of the correct sorting of garbage, lifhhaki, which will help save electricity and water.    

4. The Day of the Russian Language – June 6

Day of the Russian language began to celebrate in 2010. This is an excellent occasion to pay attention to the most important element of our daily life. How well do you know the language you speak?   


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elena.teacher.litВот я и с первым “вумным” постом к вам спешу! . Давайте того, кто первый ответит на все 5 заданий правильно, закидаем лайками? . Поехали! . #русскийязык #литература#граматика #грамотность #егэ #огэ #гиа #задния_от_еленка38

  • Arrange dictation or invite readers to answer questions from the school program.
  • Organize the essay contest “How will I spend the summer”
  • Tell us about the interesting features of the Russian language, illustrate the literal meaning of the winged expressions
  • Arrange with the colleagues a contest of tongue twisters and write it down on video

5. Final of the World Cup 2018 – June 14

The biggest event of the summer is the World Cup final, which will be held in Russia for the first time. Everyone talks about him, and you too!


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art_egikyan?Кто будет играть в финале #ЧМ18 ? ?Делай принт-скрин и узнай какие сборные сразятся в финале, 15 июля на стадионе «Лужники» ⚽️Какая пара финалистов получилась у тебя? Пишите в комментарии!⬇️ —— #чемпионатмира2018 #FIFA #football #worldcup2018

  • Comment on matches, follow developments
  • Publish interviews, reviews, forecasts
  • Hold a vote for the outcome of each meeting
  • Ask users to tell about their favorite players
  • Spend a photo or video contest “I’m at the stadium with a brand product”
  • Take part in a football flash mob

6. International Yoga Day – June 21

Yoga is becoming an increasingly popular practice throughout the world. Many Russians develop through it the flexibility and endurance. If relevant for your brand, pay attention to this interesting holiday.

  • Do yoga for beginners
  • Ask users to share their stories of mastering this art
  • Play out the yoga mat
  • Publish a series of thematic illustrations  

7. Day of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises – June 27

By decision of the United Nations, a new holiday has been celebrated since 2017 – Day of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The purpose of the event is to emphasize the importance of small business in the development of the economy of any country.


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ilonsofiКак я и обещала, в рубрике вторника – продолжение истории о женщине-легенде Жанне Ланвен. . Вернёмся к детству француженки. Сложно представить себе карьерную лестницу ученицы в модной лавке, выросшей до владелицы престижного модного дома, в котором одеваются представители королевских семей. Безусловно, для такого рывка нужно недюжинное упорство, вера в себя и огромный талант. . «Ученица — это скорее прислуга, чем работница. Девочка на побегушках. У нее нет никаких прав. Как проходит ее обучение? Целый день ей кричат, чтобы она «повозила магнитом» по полу, — так собирают упавшие булавки, а потом вымела обрезки ниток и ткани. Ещё она приносит и уносит рулоны тканей, держит холст, из которого вырезают форму, по мелочам помогает мастерицам, бегает за водой, кофе и сигаретами. Сколько ей платят? Очень мало или вообще ничего, ведь она только учится. . Максимум, о котором могла мечтать юная Жанна Ланвен, это стать старшей закройщицей! Что же помогло ей вырваться из уготованного формата и взлететь в своей профессии, в буквальном смысле, до небес? . Талант и трудолюбие способны творить чудеса, когда они встречаются в одном человеке! . Личность Жанны Ланвен во многом остаётся для нас загадкой. Её вклад в мировую моду велик и многообразен, ее находки сохраняют ценность до сих пор. Её профессиональные интересы были многогранны: головные уборы, детская и мужская одежда, высокая мода, духи, меха, белье, украшения… Дом Lanvin обязан ей всеми своими достижениями. . В кроссовках марки “засветилась” первая леди Америки, Lanvin будет шить костюмы для лондонского футбольного клуба Арсенал , ни одна красная дорожка не обходится без великолепных платьев Lanvin. ________________________________ #ilon&sofi #биография #жанналанвен#жанналанвенбиография #lanvin #доммоды #доммодыlanvin #модаикрасота #стиль#историивеликихлюдей #дочка #люблюшить #киев #мамашвейка

  • Share your success stories with the readers
  • Publish guides, tips, guides for businessmen
  • Tell us about your company and its history
  • Conduct a survey and discuss the main difficulties faced by employers in Russia

For inspiration:

8. The Day of the Inventor and Innovator in Russia – June 30

The inventor’s day was introduced in the late 1950s at the suggestion of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, it is celebrated annually, on the last Saturday of June.

  • Tell us about the most outstanding Russian inventions
  • Share with the readers the history of the invention of the things now familiar
  • Publish a selection of the most ridiculous patents
  • Arrange a competition for the most promising idea of ​​invention

Such is the beginning of the summer. We hope these examples inspire you to create memorable content. Remember, the main thing is to offer value.

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