Entrepreneur or employee: who are you?

Entrepreneur or employee: who are you?

Many people dream of quitting their jobs and joining the ranks of entrepreneurs. However, according to the 2016 Kauffman Foundation Study, only 6% of Americanshave their own business. In Russia, this figure does not exceed 3%.

And among this small number there are those who tried their strength and failed. There are also those who do not go out of their business beyond the ordinary work duties. To achieve success in this risky sphere, you need to clearly understand whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee.

Features of thinking

The 2013 study , published in the Journal of Socio-Economics, describes the features of thinking, determining in which role you will feel happier and more successful – an entrepreneur or an employee.   

Entrepreneurs are more often than not “masters of all trades”: they have a wide range of interests, rich experience and knowledge, which support their business in many ways. Businessmen have many acquaintances and friends who can support the opening of business.

On the other hand, workers are paid for certain duties. On their side, security, stable income and specialized skills. Employees develop within the organization, which makes them in demand on the market.

But what if the employee wants to become an entrepreneur? Not everyone approaches this role, but the lack of skills can, if desired, be filled or compensated. Some companies today offer special entrepreneurship courses, in which they analyze success stories and teach students to replicate the traits of well-known businessmen.

Industriousness and perseverance

Many employees are eagerly waiting for the end of the working day. If the company has difficulties, they can easily find another job. Employees rarely seek to offer solutions to problems and wait for someone else to do it.

Steve Jobs once said that persistence distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful. Entrepreneurs work as long and hard as they need to solve the problem. Such an attitude to work is necessary for every businessman.

Here are 46 interesting facts about entrepreneurship. 

The desire to constantly learn

Anyone can develop the desire to learn, if he strives to improve his interests and skills. Entrepreneurs who choose this path continue to learn after success. This allows them to remain flexible and confidently develop their business.


Employees must demonstrate the success of their work in order to get a raise or an increase in their wages. Without competent self-promotion, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.  

But this behavior will only harm entrepreneurs. They must develop modesty in themselves. This means letting others contribute to the business and create effective teams.

Modest entrepreneurs do not believe that only they are able to do a good job, they learn to delegate duties and trust their employees.  

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An entrepreneur or an employee?

Entrepreneurs and hired workers differ in a number of key areas, but everyone, above all, can understand the differences and change their strategies with a willingness to change their role.

You can achieve success in any of these areas. You just need to decide which side of the field you want to play.

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