10 examples of genius viral advertising

10 examples of genius viral advertising

The goal of marketing is simple: to deliver the right message to the right audience. But for this, the brands have to solve the most complicated task: to create a message that stands out against the background of competitors.

In preparation for the list of 100 terrific Entrepreneur companies noted 10 brilliant marketing campaigns that sparked heated discussion in the society. We will tell about them in today’s article.

1. Gravity Blanket

Last year, in just 2 weeks, John Fiorentino and Mike Grillo raised $ 2 million (and $ 4.7 million in total) for Kickstarter to launch a line of weighted blankets weighing 7 to 11 kg. According to the creators of their product worth $ 249 will reduce the level of stress and relieve insomnia. They focused on scientific research, but did not concentrate on numbers and graphs, as originally planned.

Instead, Gravity Blanket delved into the reviews of the first customers and began to build a lifestyle brand. Then Mike and John turned to opinion leaders and large retailers (Amazon and Target). Since then, their sales have amounted to more than $ 15 million.

2. Crock-Pot

What if your main product killed your favorite TV series character? Crock-Pot faced this issue after the character Milo Ventimiglia of the NBC show “It’s Us” died in a fire caused by a faulty slow-blower (slow-cooker – a household appliance that slowly prepares food at low temperatures, the leading producer is Crock-Pot). The Internet started a real panic: people got rid of their devices and blamed the death of the character brand, although he is not directly mentioned in the series.

Crock-Pot reacted with the campaign #CrockPotIsInnocent, within which an advertising-justification was shown on the Super Bowl. In her live and healthy Ventimiglia serves chilli from the brand’s slow-cooker.

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3. CarMax

In November 2017, director Max Lanman posted a funny and incredibly beautiful video on YouTube, whose goal was to help the girl to sell her 1996 Honda Accord. The video became viral.

Specializing in the sale of cars, the CarMax website prepared its answer: offered to buy not only a girl’s car, but also a cat from the video, a mug, a coffee maker and even a jacket. This video scored more than 400,000 views, more than any other CarMax video.

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4. MoonPie

Associations with such cult oldest companies, like MoonPie, are always the warmest and most cozy. But in November, the brand surprised everyone by publishing a tweet: ” Another good day to warm the MoonPie in a microwave oven, light a couple of candles and scream into a soft pillow .”


With him began an absurd, surrealistic campaign lasting a month. In its framework, posts were posted on Twitter and strange videos, originally intended for the Super Bowl, were shown. They watched a huge number of viewers, the brand did not even have to buy airtime.

5. Halo Top

Most marketers sell ice cream as a treat for the whole family. But Halo Top decided to break all the stereotypes and removed the frightening advertising-anti-utopia, in which a distraught elderly woman robot makes to eat ice cream. At the end of the video sounds the phrase: ” those who are dear to you, no more; there is only ice cream. “

Advertising caused an explosion of emotions among consumers, and Halo Top could become the most popular brand in a crowded market.

6. Cards Against Humanity

Last year, on the Target shelves with the slogan ” Once you pop … that’s great “, a new brand of potato chips, Prongles, unexpectedly appeared . Chips were sold at lightning speed and sparked heated discussions among buyers. It turned out that their creator – the brand of board games Cards Against Humanity, which dramatically changed the industry.

7. Procter & Gamble

In 2017, a giant corporation released a commercial for The Talk , in which black parents talk with their children about racial prejudice. He is part of the campaign My Black Is Beautiful, calling for a conversation about cultural prejudice. The advertisement sparked heated discussions, prompting the brand to launch the Black-ish sitcom.

8. Kentucky for Kentucky

This small brand sells dozens of products dedicated to the state of Kentucky, and is limited to the local market. Was. Before I posted an advertisement in Oxford American with an eye-popping ” we speak you’re language ” typos . At the bottom of the page it says ” Yes, we know … We just decided that a typo is the best way to stand out at Oxford American .”

9. KFC

The franchise, which recently differs with amusing and daring marketing, made two successful moves last year.

First, the brand first chose to play the role of Colonel woman – the country’s legend Ribu McIntyre. The campaign did a lot of noise.

Secondly, when the chicken brand suddenly ended in the London restaurant of the brand, the brand surprised everyone with sincere apologies.

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10. IKEA

Earlier this year, IKEA began working with the Swedish agency Åkestam Holst on a new idea for user involvement. The brand published ads in the women’s magazine with an unusual proposal: ” Pee on this advertisement, it can change your life .”

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Sometimes the most unexpected and even ridiculous ideas become viral and bring brands to the top of success.

Learn from colleagues from around the world, analyze your competitors and study your target audience. So you will significantly increase your chances of creating a viral campaign.

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