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How to Create Engaging Content Using Instagram Stories

Is your brand present on Instagram? Are you actively using it for the advantage of your brand? If not, then it’s time you get your hands on it! Instagram is turning out to be the next big social media platform for brands to engage with the end consumer. It is no more an

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The ultimate guide to digital marketing for the financial industry

As we enter 2018, it is concrete that digital marketing is the go-to form of marketing whether you are a small-scale start up or a well-established global brand. The power of the Internet has engulfed our day-to-day lives and all types of industries – from Retail and Travel to Real Estate and B2B – have joined the digital

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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Career Success

Tips from the industry experts Digital transformation offers an abundance of opportunities that anyone can seize upon to carve out a dynamic, meaningful career, whatever your strengths or interests. With digital, you can enjoy access to tangible professional development, lucrative salaries and benefits that range from flexi-time to healthcare. Digital

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5 Tips to Write a Blog Post People Will Actually Read

If you’re reading this blog post, then you probably have felt the familiar sting of writing something you were really excited about, only to discover that just 12 people read it. We’ve all been there, trust me. As a blogger and social media manager for Post Planner, I’m often asked the

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How to Determine if Blogging is Right for You

Before you start a blog, it’s important to determine if blogging is right for you to ensure your blogging experience will be successful. You Enjoy Spending Time Surfing the Web Successful blogging requires a large time commitment and a great deal of sweat equity. Blogging doesn’t stop after you write and publish

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Ideas for content marketing for June 2018

A little more and come the long-awaited summer. It will be possible to walk all night long, overeat ice cream and fruits, swim, sunbathe and do many more pleasant things. But there is one ” But “. In hot weather, many users are not up to the Internet, and most companies are starting to

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